Blender QuickLook plugin

Hello, I’m new in the forum.

I made a QuickLook plugin for Blender files on the Mac.
In other words, a plugin for Mac OS to render thumbnails of .blend files in the Finder.

If anyone is interested please check it out at:


OH HELL YES! Ill build it and report back :smiley:

EDIT - Although I can’t comment on your programming as i only have some Mac programming experience, none of it being in the field of plugins, it looks good so far. Why do the thumbnails have a translucent header and footer though? Also, is it at all possible to have a preview window for the file, at least acting as a larger screenshot of the model, or is this something the .blend file needs to support?

Regardless though, good job, this will definitely have use :smiley:

The blend files come with a small image in one of the data blocks which is what I’m using for the thumbnail. This image seems to be an OpenGL viewport render of the default camera in the scene, that’s why it has some letterbox.

I could not find a larger image for previewing in finder, I guess the blender guys would need to add support for it. Or we find some way of generating the preview ourselves.

Im glad you found it useful.

The image has some frame around it because it seems to be a viewport render of the default active camera in the scene. This is how blender makes the thumbnail embedded in the file. As for the larger preview, I could not find information about a larger image in the file for preview so I guess it needs to be implemented by the Blender Programmers.

Ahh, that figures. Still pretty nice though, :slight_smile:

Though, I’m currently too lazy to install Xcode - can you provide a compiled version?
Moreover, you should suggest this to the Blender Foundation since .blend-previews are already provided in the Windows version (not sure about Linux)

This is fantastic, thank you for this! Works great on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Hmm … I compiled plugin with “Succeeded - No Problems”, installed into Library, tried refresh via terminal than logout, than restart but icons are still without preview :frowning:

Tested on iMac 27" OS X 10.8.5
Here is the plugin that is not working for me, any help or tip?

This is a much needed function. However, I have no compiling/programming experience. Could you provide a compiled/addon version that is simpler to install? Thank you for your work.

Amazing, worked like a charm. Also for anyone who needs help building, you need to get xcode installed from apple (the developer tools), but beyond that just clone the repo on your computer and open the xcode project file, command-B to build. Finally, force-restart Finder (or restart). I see now it already moves it to the right place for me too!

For reference, running OSX mavericks and works fine.

You might need to go to User Preferences in Blender, File, and check “save preview images” check box.

Yeah, works with OSX 10.10 (Yosemi) too.
So the problem seems to be related to 10.8.5

@chloesdad: you can download it from my link above.
It should works for you if you use 10.9 or 10.10 OS X.

Thank you vklidu. I need to upgrade from 10.6.8 first.

This is very cool! I will have to try this.

Nice work viklidu.

AWESOME! Thank you!

I’ve been waiting so long for something like this! thank you.
Can someone share the addon file. not really good with code.

Thank you so much! Finally I can quickly sort through the countless “untitled.blend” and recovered .blend files I have without having to open each one. Really a huge contribution to the community! Thanks!

really AWESOME. Works on my Yosemite system.

Previews for .blend file icons are provided on windows machines??? Is this something I have missed, because I have never seen them in my 14 years of using blender.

yah man, if you have big icons on windows it just happens… i believe blender must be installed not just thrown out of a zipfile