Blender Quickstart

I made this blender really quick tutorial. It is intended to help experienced 3d artists to quickly learn how blender works, and for beginners who don’t like to read.

I would like some comments, especially from beginners, to know what’s clear, and what isn’t. I would also like comments about the grammar/writing style from native english speakers.

Thank you :slight_smile:
Inkscape SVG:

It seems to cover all the basics, the layout is clean and easy to follow. It would be nice to see (although I don’t know where :smiley: ) A list of the most commonly used hotkeys, something like what is currently on the new keyboard hotkey layouts.

Do you mind my translating/rewriting this quickstart to Czech ? :wink:

There is no room for this, but as LetterRip suggested, i made the hotkey bold. Now you can have a quick overview of all hotkeys.
(Links updated in first post)

Absolutely not !
Please do it, it is better if this guide can be translated in as many languages.

thx :slight_smile:


Nice layout…

Realy good stuff, Nice to use as background :stuck_out_tongue:

Putting the navaigation controls up front is a good idea. That right mouse button selector is rather obtuse. The options window also isn’t necessarily an intuitive concept and I don’t see that mentioned on the guide. In the Final Word section you state you’re covering ony the most basic concepts so maybe the options windows is too involved. I have to say though the right mouse click hurts my brain. :slight_smile: Nice chart. Would have been very helpful when I was getting started.

I’m currently gathering everything basic that is not in the guide, and i will look at what can be replaced. Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

Marty_D : when you are talking about the Right mouse click, do you think that it is not obvious enough in the guide ?

I think the guide does a good job of indicating the nature of the mouse buttons. That was a huge problem for me when I was getting started and I think anyone reading the Quickstart will have the concept well in hand.

I also remember having no clue as to what people were talking about when they mentioned settings window. Even after using the software for a while pulling down a window was a very obscure concept. It would, in my opinion, be very helpful to have that information in the begining (not of the Quickstart Guide but at the begining of the learning curve sometime) so that a new user doesn’t have to go looking around the net.

Maybe if you were to mention the mouse buttons are interchangeable left with right when you are discussing the interface would provide a pleasant way of introducing the (control window) information and at the same time cut the learning curve down a little. No reason to retrain a standard operation that anyone who knows how to use a computer is initimately familiar with, i.e. the left mouse click.

:slight_smile: again, I have to say, just thinking about right mouse clicks hurts my brain.

Very nice document.
Two things I use a a lot and feel that are missing though:

Numpad-0: center 3D view on selected object
B-key: box-selecting, though this might be a bit too much to include.

Just my $0.02
Like I said, very good idea.

Just out of curiosity, what theme did u use for the buttons?

i don’t think ‘funnier’ is the correct word there.

Very nice I will be passing it along to friends here that I have gotten hooked as well.