Blender RAM? Issue

Hello there, recently downloaded and started playing around with blender and have run into a recurring issue. The title at the top is orange, im assuming this means its nearly used its maximum amount of ram or something similar. The tutorials ive been watching all have green bars.

Now im not even using a his poly mesh or anything, Fa:1-45, Mem: 3.23M, 4.97M(Cube) This is also causing my mouse to freak out a bit and start moving slowly.

System specs, AMD Athlon64X2 6400+BLack Edition, ATI Radeon HD 4870X2, Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit, 4gb RAM (Restricted to 3.2gb)

The stickies speaks of OpenGL Driver errors but that seems to concern a problem 8 years old. im using the most recent ATI Driver 10.6?

Any help would be appreciated.


if I understood well the meaning of this sentence, “The title at the top is orange”, don’t be worried , its just…colors! :wink:
But ATI cards are known to have some problems with Blender?..