Blender randomly closes (while "in-game")

Hello guys! This is the first time that I’ve experienced this problem. When testing a game, blender will randomly close. There is no warning, it doesn’t “stop responding”, it just closes. Has anyone else had this problem? I don’t know if it is un-related or not but I also have actions that randomly disappear (ctrl+z seems to fix it even if I haven’t done anything related to actions. :confused:). AAAaaand finally in standalone version of files that use the mouse (mouse look or cursor) the mouse will “randomly” cutback on the sensitivity (it seems to be about half the regular sensitivity). I think I may try re-downloading blender, or download an older version of blender (as I haven’t always had this problem).

Any ideas are welcome as this is extremely frustrating.
.blend that has the problem: EFX_Infinite.blend (1.4 MB)
And I am using blender v2.71 64-bit

And what my save folder has become since discovering this problem (bit of comedic relief):

Reverting to 2.70 seems to have resolved the issue.

There were some bad regressions that made its way into 2.71 official for the bge side. So yeah basically don’t use 2.71 official for game engine work, stick to 2.70 or pre and try a recent build from master seemed more stable now though some more minor issues still remain.

I would guess that it has to do with your resolution (the window in Blender’s small, so smaller movements cover more screen space, which equates to a higher sensitivity. In standalone mode, you’re using the whole screen, so smaller movements cover less screen space, which equates to a lower sensitivity). But if you’re not having any kind of problem with it with older versions, I dunno. You might want to try getting the newest version from the BuildBot.

I forgot to mention that it also snaps back to “regular” sensitivity as well. Could just be the way that I am calculating the position though.

I got the same problem in 2.71

Is there anything that is happening in the majority of cases where Blender closes?

Is libLoad()/libNew() involved in these cases (as these functions seem to cause the majority of crashes these days)?

Is there a lot of animation when it happens (there’s been some regressions that were caused by the multithreaded animation commit)?

Do these still happen with the latest buildbot builds?

I wouldn’t write the bug report yet if all you have is ‘random crashes’, Moguri usually doesn’t have a lot of time to fix things and we don’t want to take away the time he has.

Nothing seems consistent. The only thing that seems to make it happen more often is if there is another window open behind blender. In this case I am not using libLoad or libNew, and I don’t believe that it happens during an animation either. I also have not tried the latest buildbot builds (and I normally don’t as blender takes about an hour for me to download), but I may try that. For now I am content with staying in 2.70 until another release. Thank you :slight_smile:

Same problem in v2.71. But previous versions seem to work fine.