Blender randomly crashes Windows

For some reason Blender started to crash randomly on me when I work on a certain file. It never used to happen, and it started happening more frequently, untill I can no longer open up the file. It comes up with the ‘Send Error Report’ and I am forced to close Blender. Reinstalling does not work, and restarting allows me to work a few more minutes longer before it crashes. I have tried deleting the ‘B.blend’ which has be suggested before, but this still does not work. It only seems to happen on the one file.

I’m running Windows XP Sp2, with the built in graphics card. 512MB RAM and 2.5GHz Celron

Please help! Thank you!

I think that integrated graphics cards are problematic. Also, if it is just the one file, that file is probably corrupted in some way. You might have to append each object with Shift F1 into a new file, one by one.

Thank you very much for the suggestion, appending each object seems to have worked! I wonder what caused this problem…?

One by one? I can just select all object files with ‘A’ key and append that way. Appending one by one would be a headache if you had 100’s of objects.

I know, but I was thinking that one of the objects might have been causing the crash, so this way you would be able to tell which one.

If you want to select a lot, but not all, you can RMB, or RMB drag.

Thanks for the replies, but egan’s solution didn’t last long (and I didn’t know about RMB drag)… Oh well, nearly finished my project anyway! Thanks again for your input.