Blender randomly crashes

Hi everyone,

For I while now I have been bugged with a problem while using blender.
For some reason blender sometimes crashes, I get a message that blender is not responding and I have to shut it down. This can be quite frustrating when working on an unsafed project.

The problem doesn’t occur often. Sometimes not for weeks, but sometimes it occurs several times in a short time frame.
It seemed to me that my laptop was simply out of memory at first, but the problem has also occured when I was doing really simple stuff.
I’ve had this problem with multiple versions of blender, so updating doesn’t seem to help either. I currently have blender 2.79, the latest version.
I can’t seem find what triggers the error.

Does anyone have any experience with this, or know how to help?
Any help would be greatly apriciated!

Unfortunately I don’t know why blender crashes on your machine, but I may help concerning this problem:

Blender saves nearly every file when it crashes - even unsaved files!
To “recover” one of these (in fact you are just opnening the auto-saved file) go to “file/recover autosave” and open the last file created. In nearly every case I was able to recover all of my work this way (but don’t forget saving then ;))

without knowing this UNKNOWN Operating system
There is really nothing we can do

RHEL6 or 7 ?
Debian 8 or 9 ?
Ubuntu ?
Mint ?
and so on
Windows XP ?
Windows 7 ?
Windows 8 ?
Windows 10 ?
WHAT version ?

What version ?

is there a 3d card ???
if so What one ???
and What driver ???
and Where did you get the driver ?

one of the linux repos ?
apple store ?
the default installed from Microsoft ??
Microsoft has been known for DISABLING a lot of the openGL code in the edited version of Nvidia’s driver that is installed from “auto updates”

seeing as this is a laptop
is it a bargain basement cheep one ?
or a gamming laptop ?

What is the Hardware specs on this UNKNOWN computer ???

i think that might be 20 questions

Hi John,

Thanks for your answer
Sorry for not giving enough details, I’m a bit of a noob concerning computer hardware but I’ll try to sketch a clearer image;

I am using the lenovo thinkpad p50. It is described as a mobile worksstation, so not really a gaming laptop but certainly not a cheap bargain one. It is designed for stuff like 3d animation.
It is running on windows 10.

Processor: Intel Core i7
Ram Memory: 16.0 GB

Im not sure what you mean with a ‘3d card’, do you mean a graphics card?
My graphics card: NVIDIA Quadro M2000
I didn’t get I driver myself, so I asume it was preinstalled. But as I said I’m not really what all this means… sorry.

I hope this is enough info, if not, please let me know.
I really appriciate your help :slight_smile:

Hey Luke

I remeber having tried this in the past without succes…
The autosaved version was older than my project at the moment it crashed.
But thanks for your input anyway

It’s possible Blender isn’t crashed at all. This not responding message happens on my laptop, and usually comes back after it finishes what it’s doing. Try waiting it out and you might not loose your work

maybe you’re almost out of RAM.