Blender randomly freezes until I open a new instance of blender

I don’t know why, but this has been happening since the last 4 blender releases or so.
Whenever I’m working on a scene blender randomly freezes and remains unresponsive until I open an entirely different blender instance or I close an already open one. This usually happens a lot more frequently whenever I’m working in geometry nodes.
I’m not sure if this is even a blender issue or has something to do with my windows but so far no other application has misbehaved like this yet.
Has anyone else experienced something like this or should I be reporting this as a bug?

Sounds like a bug, I’ve never heard of it before but the developers might have some insights

Since 2.8, I’v had freezes on Windows but they were 100% related to the graphic card drivers and Shader compilation in EEVEE or Material Preview, which would take like 5 minutes to compile every time I changed something in the Shader node tree.

Make sure your GPU drivers are up to date on Windows, as some older computers with INTEL integrated GPU are no longer supported officially by Blender (This is a DirectX driver version problem) In case there were no recent driver available, the only way to fix my problem was to use Linux instead of Windows. There is no such problem with Linux, with the exact same computer and graphic card, fortunately. Blender even runs on tiny distributions like Porteus.

Tangential but from an ecologic standpoint, the fact that INTEL artificially forces people to buy new computers in order to be able to run recent software or even Windows 11 is a questionable business strategy, as some of these computers are perfectly fine otherwise, even 10 year old ones (mine is a i7). This is an egregious case of planned obsolescence.

Planned obsolescence - Wikipedia