Blender Ray Tracer or Yafray

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a long time since I have looked at Blender and I have just downloaded 2.32 and am amazed at the new look and feel and all the new features.

One question though, which Ray Tracer should I be using , Yafray or the Internal Ray Tracer. Is there a site that details the differences.



The changelogs should be clear enought :slight_smile:

Blender internal is a nice raytrace for quick previews … YafRay is yafray! You have true GI and HDRI etc.


If you want just a reasonable quality and fast renders, I would use Blender’s internal raytracer… It’s not bad at all…

If you have enough time at your disposal and you don’t mind waiting for a long time to get a single frame rendered and you also need high quality badly, Yafray is a “must”

My 2 cents…

The only problem is that your blender-scene probably needs adjusting when using yafray, because it interprets various settings differently, like light-energy. And, there are a lot of things yafray doesn’t support yet, see the changelog for details.