Blender RC2, why is Ton saying to use rev. 20109 and not the latest one?

There’s ref. count fixes for the BGE after commit 20109 and Benoit fixes something related to BGE softbodies.

Why not just use the latest revision?

Who are we to know, it’s best to go to IRC and ask him.

yeah I’ve had a bit of trouble finding how to best take advantage of the latest of the speed upgrades. The first gave me instant +20fps on one scene, the latest adds about 5-10fps but I think that’s only because I’m not sure exactly how to best take advantage of it.

Also I used Jorgie’s build with the ghostinlay thing a ma doo and got an additional 20fps on that same test scene so that’s basically and additional 40-50fps in the past week from the other build i was using :evilgrin:

Well, you have to draw the line somewhere…

I’m kind of surprised they’re letting so much work go into trunk when the theory behind release candidates is to only allow show stopping bug fixes usually. Most projects fork and freeze the project for the release cycle which doesn’t seem to be happening here where everyone + dog is still chucking stuff into trunk…relatively speaking of course.

and blender is still super stable

definately the most stable game engine I know of

If they can at least have the softbody fix into the official 2.49 release with the other recent fixes and just have the work on the dome stuff moved to the dome branch.

But hey, we get the speedups.

looks like we’ll rebuild a later revision,
this sort of thing gets worked out on the bf-committers mailing list, don’t think its that useful to discuss here.

Here´s a thought, maybe he anounced the RC2 before Benoits fixes were made? Anyway, here you go again trying to dictate what the Blender team should do. They already know what to do, plus it will be in the final release anyway…