Blender RC3 GUI has gone straight to hell! (SOLVED)

Just installed Release Candidate 3 and I’m suffering Major OpenGL Interface problems.
Fonts are small and fuzzy to the point of being unreadable, menu’s open in the wrong place and it’s all a big mess.

I’m on WinXP with an ATI9000 Mobility (Laptop) card.

I’ve not seen these problems before and 2.42a, 2.3RC1 and RC2 run fine.

Any thoughts anyone?


Here’s a screen dump… Just opened and clicked the “File” menu.

cool. are you sure that isnt the new gui everyone has been asking about? We should call it a feature, like the new and improved Squash look. Only available for a limited time. That’s what M$ would do. And I am SO GLAD that last night, when I saw that RC3 was available, I said to myself, “Self, you’re working on a project right now, don’t upgrade in the middle of a project.” and I actually listened to myself. Then I realized I was talking to myself so I shut up and went to bed. Maybe you should upgrade to Linux/Ubuntu while you’re at it. :slight_smile:

It’s because it’s an ATI card.

What’s different in RC3 that my ATI card has not been a problem up until now?

I think BlackBoe is correct, I’ve used Blender RC3 on three different computers with NVidia cards and I have not seen any problems with the GUI.

I use an ATI card, and it looks just as normal as RC1 and RC2…

I’m not sure what would be causing it, but it is, probably, as the result of using an ATI card.

its a special ATI card :slight_smile:
what type are you using?

RC3 works fine on mine (i’m kinda confused i clicked “download rc3” i picked the .zip for windows and i got it, but the folder was called rc2. can somebody please PM me with help? (sorry i rarely check back on topics)

It’s because he’s using an ATi card and the way Blender’s interface is programmed.
(I’m currently building a gui system using OpenGL that is quite fast, so it’s not only an ATi-issue)

I gave RC3 a go on my laptop with ATi card (normally I’m only using cvs version… err wait, that should be the “Blender Ultimate CVS Edition” of course).

Don’t see anything wrong here, except for the fact that the interface has become even slower again, but that’s normal.

Have you tried updating the driver for the video card? (presumably the “Shoddy ATi Edition”)

I don’t see anything unusual… I have an ATI card… it seems normal to me.

As Aardbei said, try updating your drivers.

Are you using any secondary screen options?
Is it clashing with your antialias mode?
Maybe the file just downloaded badly?

Usage of new GL_{ARB|NV|EXT}_* extensions in a candidate release doesn’t seem likely, but I could be wrong.

Does your card support hardware acceleration profiles per application? Maybe turn the acceleration down for Blender? Also check to make sure you don’t have anything weird in the settings panels (esp. language/font and system/openGL).

Also check help>system>system info

The information there may be useful to people who know something about it :wink:

Thanks - Sorry for the panic guys, I re-installed my GL drivers and all seems to be will with all releases now.

Flamin’ ATI card!

joeedh posted an FSAA fix a few weeks back on jan. 25. That may be what you are seeing. Looking at your screen shot I’d guess that’s what it was. ATI is notoriously bad at anti-aliasing Open GL displays. I’ve seen that same screen one of my boxes a couple of times. The fix that was posted acutally made a nice difference in my current Intel display. (yah one of these days I’m going to get a real video display.)