Blender & RealFlow Inauguration Test "Crashed Tie Fighter"

Hey guys this has been a fun side project to work on. A working Blender 2.75 build with the Mesh Cache Sequencer and Realfolw 20134 Hybrido 2 Solver. I do wish I had spent more time on the Hybrido Solver, but Reflow is very new to me and I was running the simulation off of a 2011 Mac Book Pro 2011 w/h 16gb RAM, SandyBridge Laptop i7 processor. So it barely made it.

So this is all possible because of the wonderful gentleman by the name of Levon Hudson. He has stopped development on this because he does not use Real Flow anymore. I do highly doubt that Next Limit the creators of Real Flow will ever build a render Kit with Blender, But I have had fun experimenting with this and would love to see a Reflow to Blender Hybrido Render Kit.