Blender Realistic Earth Render


This is my first post on the website and I would like to show you my experiments with volumetrics.

This is my first render of the earth with a volumetric atmosphere.

It’s very ugly and doesn’t look very good. First of all, the volumetric atmosphere is WAY to blue and the textures are of low quality. At least it looks better than my layer weight atmosphere.

My Second render looks way better although the denoise node ruined its look and made the image very soft.

Third with Lights

Here is my Fourth render (can only post one image) :frowning:

The atmosphere was just a node setup I found on the internet. The clouds, however, is a volumetric setup by me. I will show you my node setup (when I can). (for a good looking render, make the clouds 1.0007 Times larger than the planet) .

Please give me feedback and tell me what you think about the renders.