Blender & Redshift Integration

Actively looking into this.

Personally, I really, really want to see a Redshift - Blender plugin. I know there are alot of you out there that do as well. The Redshift development team needs to see that there is interest and people that really want to use Redshift within the Blender community.

If you are a current Redshift user, you WANT to use Redshift, or you would love to use a Blender - Redshift plugin, vote in my poll on Twitter.

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Oh yes! Redshift is just incredible, I have been waiting for a plugin for a long time. I won’t ever use Maya if Redshift comes to Blender :wink:

That would be cool !

I would want redshift renderer integration for the bge if it does not conflict with its license.And i know it would be hard to integrate.So the possibility of that maybe very low.Simply because it is too much work.

@lostscience Yeah that would be more difficult than simply integrating with Blender as is. Currently, Redshift does not have a standalone rendering GUI. It can only be accessed via command line within another application such as Maya. Currently, we’d need a patched version of Blender, and then a python exporter within the patched version to communicate with the Redshift Core

Redshift for Blender would be awesome! I’ve actually bought a Redshift license some time ago and use it with Houdini 15.5 Indie (at the moment I’m using Houdini only as rendering host for Redshift more or less :slight_smile: ) It’s in alpha for Houdini but very stable already and free for exisiting Redshift customers (as all the other Redshift plugins - that’s the nice thing with Redshift - you buy a license and get all the plugins for free (unlike Octane where you have to buy separate plugins for each 3D app you wanna use)

I’ve used Redshift for Maya, and I really like it. I’ve been asking them for a while when they plan to release a version with a GUI-less command line renderer, and no dice. Very curious how you’d get this working.

You mean the GUI-less command line renderer redshiftCmdLine.exe in C:\ProgramData\Redshift\bin? :stuck_out_tongue:

For the OP, I think there are some people who would like this for sure.

8 months ago Redshift team replied with this after a question posted on YouTube video of their technical presentation:

Hello. Plugins for C4D and Houdini are currently in development. Plugins for MODO, Lightwave and Blender will come at later stage.

Though we can’t know if they’re still willing to do it. Certainly would be great

I will buy Redshift if it will be an integration of it into blender. I’m an archviz artist and renderspeed is a pain…

Pffft, when did they include that?? Never saw anything in any release notes! That’s funny, I was basically told that wasn’t really a priority when I asked. Very cool, that definitely opens up the possibilities.

And I agree with Cyaoeu. The only reason I never explored Redshift much beyond a trial version was that I didn’t like how locked into Autodesk products I’d have to be just to use it. I’d definitely like to see Blender integration as well.

Another vote for RS for Blender.

With demo available plugins come for: SI, Maya, Max, Houdini & soon to be announced alpha for C4D (hopefully Siggraph2016).

So that’s not a command line renderer like you think it is. It doesn’t provide access to Redshift Renderer Core. You need an SDK.

Ah, then of course that jibes with what was told to me a while back. Is there an SDK?

I can’t disclose that information

Using Redshift with Houdini Indie as well, loving it, blazing fast, would love to see this in Blender, so count me in!

I have a Redshift license already, using it in Softimage and loving it. So, yes, I definately would be interested in a Blender integration.

The Houdini and C4D plugins are developed by external developers, but for Blender, they didn’t find any developer yet. So, if you want to take that task, then talk to the Redshift guys. As an official developer you could be payed for it and have access to the SDK.

@bb3d Already started a dialogue with them. They’re at SIGGRAPH. Will have more news to share after the conference is over.

Hi @lvxejay:
now that Siggraph is over - any news on Redshift-Blender integration?!