Blender & Redshift Integration

Rob presentation at GTC this year

i’m very hyped for the 3.0 version and of curse the blender plug in, he said that they might show the blender integration in sigraph ! and looks like they will have a thing like eevee/cycles with Redshift RT ( powered with DXR )


So, Im director small animation studio who work on own animation film. We very need Redshift for Bledner. Thank U


You can get awesome times with Cycles, if you know to configure it.

On the other hand, you may prefer RedShift, but if that’s the case, this is not the place to ask for it, you should go to RedShift forums, because they are developing their integration, but AFAIK it’s not user ready at all… so it may take a while :slight_smile:

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Look into E-Cycles if you are concerned with render times!

BTW I just wanted to clarify, IMHO you can ask about Redshift as much as you want here, in Blenderartist, I was just recommending you to ask for the integration in RedShift forums because that way you will be sure that RedShift team reads you, not other reason :slight_smile:


EDIT: I’m Juang3d also XD

It’s not just about rendering time. A big drawback to Cycles are missing AOV’s. Also, you can combine unbiased and biased with Redhsift like Vray.

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Redshift has some neat features, it all depends on if you need them or not, is not about speed as you say.
You also have to keep in mind that RedShift costs 500€/600€ per license, not just per GUI license, but per license, so if you have 9 render nodes and 1 workstation you will have to pay 5000€/6000€ for a year and 2500€/3000€ year to maintain them, it’s not that is super expensive, it could be totally worth it, I want to explore it when it’s ready, but it’s a thing to keep in mind :slight_smile:


My main interest in Redshift is not the speed (because Cycles is quite nice already), but the advanced features. Namely:

  • the support for proxies when you need to build and render scenes with huge amount of heavy objects
  • the texture cache to be able to render ridiculous amounts of high res textures by using tiled & mip-mapped images without the need to have a lot of RAM
  • the simple and reliable interchange of ready-to-render assets coming from e.g. Houdini
  • the flexibility of the AOVs

As I already have a license of Redshift that I use with Houdini (and Softimage when I need to render older projects), the Blender version of it would feel like it was free. :wink:


You have this in Cycles, no trouble with that.

Yes, that is good, you have something similar in cycles, it affects just textures, not geometry, as long as your scene fits in the GPU ram (speaking about geometry/objects) you should be good to go with a small speed penalization (you have that penalty in RS I think, but I’m not sure)
But you don’t have mup-mapped textures, that’s true, and it’s a feature I want too :slight_smile:

How is that? I mean… you will need to convert the materials anyways, how are you going to import a ready-to-render asset? the translation work is there no matter what, in fact, regarding that ready-to-render assets are easy to get if they come from Max and Vray (with the addon Max2Blend from 3DToAll, pretty good converter)

And there you are totally right, Cycles need more AOV’s, a proposal regarding this in RightClickSelect and Devatlk, and even here, could be very welcome, so devs can improve this in the future :slight_smile:


Someone already explained me the Ready-To-Render assets thing, it’s cool :slight_smile:

Personally I don’t like that type of conversations, it feels “Blender can do [any proprietary feature] too”. It’s feels too fanatic to me, even though I work with Blender for a 4+ years.

Blender’s proxie is a different thing comparing to the Vray’s or Corona proxies (here I mean 3ds max environment, when you can use low poly or point cloud simplification of ojbect for the viewport).

Cycles doesn’t support the VDB from houdini so currently it’s difficult now to use an external simulations.

Max2Blend is just fine for its purpose, it’s not good. It doesn’t support 3ds max’s
mapping, composite nodes, falloff node, it doesn’t represent the VrayMtl correctly and other nodes Vray and 3ds max has natively.

Well, it’s not enough for you :+1:

We don’t want / use max mapping system, instead we use the Blender one with the nodes, it’s true that some Vray nodes are not supported, it’s not perfect, but in my 15 years working with max there has not been a single library model that I used with the incoming material configuration, so in our case, we are doing the same we’ve been doing for years, for us it works.

I could talk also about the things that don’t work in other packages when I try to send Blender scenes to them, but that is not the point of this conversation.

The point is to recommend Cycles to someone because of the reasons I exposed, that does not mean that it’s better or worse, it’s just a preference, in my case based on our needs, in his case the needs may be different so he may prefer RedShift.

Cycles is not my child, RedShift is not an enemy or anything similar, Blender is a tool, Cycles is a tool, RedShift is a tool, don’t look at this conversation as something emotional, it’s not, saving 3000€ / year is good for anyone, working with the main Blender render engine is good (in my perspective) being able to modify it with a dev is also good (in my perspective too) but it is a personal opinion again.

If you don’t agree… that’s good :slight_smile:


BTW Blender proxy system is not the one I referred, in fact I have not explained what is what is similar, in our case we use instanced collections (dupligroups in 2,7x)


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Earlier this year I believe they said they expected to show the Blender plug-in for Redshift at Siggraph, perhaps with an early-access version available at that time.

This was all covered in the 2019 GTC video which is worth watching.

Nothing in Blender was shown by RS at Siggraph. Forums have gone quiet. As far as I can tell it’s taking them longer than expected and they’ve been basically silent on development updates. I’ve been hard pressed to find anyone from RS talking about this anywhere. Anybody hear anything in the last couple months?

I believe this was the last they’ve spoken of the Blender plugin:

We’re making progress with Blender. Lots of things are already working, like all the render options, nearly all Redshift shaders, almost all the lights, etc. And we’ve added some C++ (versus Python) code for some parts of the code that needed high performance.

A couple of very important things missing currently are: 1) Solid IPR performance and 2) The RenderView. We need at least the former before we can start releasing an alpha to a few users and find any bugs/inefficiencies. I’ll ask our Blender developer to make some screenshots soon so we can start “teasing” and use this as an excuse to start answering Blender-related questions - separately from this thread, that is! smile Once IPR is in a better place, we’ll look at releasing the first “alphas”.

This is one of those things we haven’t been teasing a lot which has made some people thing we haven’t made ANY progress on. We think (and hope!) they’ll be pleasantly surprised.

That was years ago, and they still have nothing to show. I’d be very skeptical at this point.

The linked thread and quote is from August 5th, 2019. Granted, maybe that’s been their status for awhile…

Yes, I did not mean the latest post but in general. Several years ago they mentioned that they are close to alpha with Blender plugin, and now several years later they still are :expressionless:

Right at the end of presentation, last declaration:
– Blender Integration
… and before, also Metal support for mac users.

From my experience, I believe it’s Blender development the cause of it – code being changed too much in short amounts of time. Also, bugz!

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