Blender Refusing to Cooperate

In my game, you are stranded in a frozen wasteland. Your main goal is to get yourself rescued before you die to the elements. All is working fine and dandy. In the HUD, I have a bar that shows your body temperature. Over time, this bar will grow, the more it fills, the colder you become until you die. I have the camera of the world set with an always sensor that adds the HUD scene as an overlay scene. I’ve animated the bar to move in the HUD scene and it works fine, logic bricks and everything. However, when I play the game, the bar does not move. It moves when I’m in the HUD scene but remains stationary when in the game scene. I recreated this bar on a separate file and it works on both scenes. Why is blender refusing to play my animations on the game scene? :eek:

you need a global to feed the overlay scene the data?

Can you share an example blend file for us to look at?