Blender Related Question

Hello All

I recently found this program, free CAD software should be the way of the world by the way. Still Learning though.

My question, I want to make an object or mesh animation of a subdivided cube that changes into a conical form. The top and bottom of the mesh is removed, so think of the mesh form subdivided to move into that of a conical shape.


hi, sscartwright, welcome to BlenderArtists.

What you want to look into to do your cube to cone animation is shape keys. In a nutshell, you set your cube as the “basis” at frame 1 on the timeline, then change it to a cone and set a shape key on some other frame (usually frame 11.) You’ll find the Shape panel in the Buttons Window under Editing (F9) and a lot more information in the wiki.

Ummm, btw, people who actually use CAD software for a living don’t usually think of Blender as CAD software :rolleyes: . Trying to use Blender to do design work (other than concepts) can be clunky and difficult, compared to software that’s custom made to make the design process easy. We like to think of Blender as a 3D Compter Graphics program. :smiley: