Blender Render Daemon

I have two PC’s. One laptop and a desktop. I want to make them work simultaneously to render a scen. It has been told to me that I have to use the Blender Render Daemon.
My question is: How to use it? I tried but I can’t figure out how to make it work.
Any advice? Thank you in advance.


There are a few posts about this here, but the quick answer is you can’t quite use it for network rendering that way right now.

This is an old feature left over from NAN days.

So for what the render daemon is used?
I can’t find any documentation about it.

It was what it sounded like, but isn’t anymore. Don’t know what the future holds for it now.

Could you tell us more about what you need to do? Are you, for instance, looking only for a network renderer, or could you use a render farm like Imp or RenderPlanet?


I just want render a scene with two computers connected by a simple ethernet 10/100 card.
Some sort of simple and minimal “distributed rendering”.

Fligh thank you for reply. I don’t need a render farm. I just want to use my 2 PC’s connected with a simple network card to render my scenes. Very simple. One scene, 2 PC’s for rendering.

Never used this one but I remember the discussions about it.

Not sure about this one at all.

This has network settings

This works for network rendering (built in) but I’m not sure how compattable it is with 2.37a. Best is to ask intrr himself (although he’ll probabl;y tell you to find out for yourself, ha ha)


It seems a clunky solution but loading the scene on two machines and border rendering different parts then stitching them after should cut the render time in half for single frames I think. Haven’t tried it yet though.

If by “render a scene” you mean multiple frames, then just use a render manager.

If you want two computers to work on the same frame though, I think you’re out of luck.

Just tried “border rendering” a single frame with yafray and half the frame and it does cut the render time approximately in half. For a long render it’s worth splitting it between two machines for the little extra time it would take to set up then stitch the separate images.