Blender render engine and future of raster engines?

  • What are possibilities for evolving of Blender render engine (not neccesarilly in PBR sense) ?
  • Could there be future developments of rasterization engine utilizing GPU along with CPU?

So, I have in mind the future of Blender Render (Internal) as separate engine to PRB branch, viewport render and Cycles,
as separate and possible realtime renderer.

checkout forward+ rendering

Great project

Can Blender render go toward this path?

Exactly. Blender Internal is the worst of both worlds. It’s slow, excessively complicated to use, and unable to take advantage of modern GPUs. It’d be possible to make a vastly superior, truly fast rendering engine, not based on raytracing.

Alternatively, one could simply advance the viewport so much that it reaches acceptable quality for many things. In a way, that makes the most sense: Use Cycles for advanced offline raytraced rendering, but simply render using the advanced viewport for fast, good quality results. That way we’d have two, not three render engines.