blender render farm


I am trying to set up a small render farm with 5 windows render nodes on win 10

I gave the network renderer a try. First test file (animated cube, no textures, gpu rendering) went well.

Then the problems started. I tried bigger files, and now it gets quite hard to understand what is going on with the render nodes. From the browser monitor I cannot see the logs, because if I try to click on them it tells me that the page cannot be found.

When I try to stop a job by clicking on cancel job it looks like it’s not really stopping… on some node it stops, but on some other it keeps running and crash blender. Then it keeps coming back in the monitor. It’s really confusing, I cannot understand what is going on.

The worse thing is that now after blender crashed on some of the nodes, when I try to open blender I just get a blank screen and I couldn’t solve it even by uninstalling blender… it keeps doing the same…

Is the network render so unreliable?

I saw the flamenco project, but I have no experience in scripting so I am wondering if it’s something I can try to do, but I cannot even find some documentation to get me started.

Could someone point me in the right direction please? Am I doing something wrong with the network renderer or it is really not working? Could you point me in the right direction to set up flamenco?

Thank you for any help!

I have been investigating further.

I managed to retrieve a log from a failed frame.

First thing I cannot understand is why there are two used memory values. I guess the second is the video card memory (I am using GPU to render). The scene fit in the 8gb of the video card easily when I try to render locally. What I cannot understand is what the first value is, it goes up to 8gb, which is both the vram limit and the system ram limit (the shop mixed the order and I am still waiting for the second slot of 8gb ram, so right now I only have 8gb on each render node :frowning: ).

However it looks like the frame is being rendered until the end. Then something happens. By the look of it the problem could be when the node tries to write the rendered frame to disk and send it back to the master…

Here is the log however:

thanks for any help!