Blender Render not Rendering?

It was doing this…

But now it only does this:

What did I do???

Wow guys. I don’t know what the policy on bumping is around here but come one, over a hundred of you have viewed this and no one has anything to say, at all?

Im going to take a guess here and say that your camera is either inside of an object, or you have no lights in your scene. Its kinda hard to tell without a blend file.

Thank you, for the suggestion!

Here you can see the camera position and that there’s a light source. It’s not a great angle but I’m on my laptop right now and I don’t have my mouse or my numpad. But as you can see both are there and the camera is not in the model so I don’t think it’s that…

Any other ideas?

I just downloaded 2.49, and after some experimentation i found the “Do sequence” button in the rendering settings seems to cause a black screen when you dont have an image in the video sequence editor. Thats all i could find though. Maybe try the “Render this window” button. Its on the toolbar on the bottom of the viewport, to the far right.

Wow! You downloaded my old version just to mess with it, to get me an answer? Thanks a lot for all the help! I’ll check that out!