Blender Render On Amazon EC2

Hello I am working on using Amazon Web Service’s EC2 as a rendering system.
I can install blender on the a ubuntu system and then render from the command line.
Has anyone done this before.

no, but i will try when Karmic Koala comes out (4 days!), with Amazon EC3

This interests me a lot !
I read up a little on the subject, apparently, images can be published for all to use.
I saw some have published a kerkythea image (I read that on the kerkythea forum, not on amazon)
I was wondering, it should not be so hard to create a blender 2.49b/yafaray image , or would it ?

I have actually setup an image for exactly this reason! It has been a few months since I have used it but I can look and dig it up if anyone is interested. Or I could create a new one for the blenderartist community if we would like. I wouldnt mind hosting and maintaining the image.

The one I created before had Blender, Yafaray, and LuxRender

after experimenting a bit i got a working render on 9.10 with blender 2.48 and it rendered just as fast as my desktop. and that was on the standard server not there high CPU system.
i am going to try to automate it with a bash script so it is easier next.
could you send me a link to those images with blender on them.

A little over a year ago I set up 90% of a full fledged render farm on EC2, but like most projects, I never finished that 10%.

You can install blender and yafray and execute renders from both on the command line. The tricky part is getting your files in the right place to begin with and then managing your jobs (assuming you want to do something in an automated way with a lot of servers). There is a “High CPU” instance that should do very well in terms of speed and cost. It has the best ration and more memory than you would ever need. Just make sure you turn on the right number of threads or set threads to auto. If you do raytracing, set the octree resolution pretty high - you won’t use all your memory.