[blender render]Rendered PNG image differs alot from the rendered 3D view

Rendered PNG image differs alot from the rendered 3D view, i dont know how to change it, before it was quite the same (for me) but now it has different colors. :spin:

Here is image which describes the problem:

Ive been using blender since friday, so every help would be appreciated

EDIT: http://www.ex.ua/687043730185
my blend file, sorry, dont know why but it did want to upload here using “Attachments”

Make sure you don’t have a light source in there which is disabled for the viewport (eye icon in the outliner), but enabled for the render (camera icon).

Other than that: Please ALWAYS supply an example .blend file with any support question.

yeah it solved my problem, sorry for asking such a noob question, just student making project
Thanks alot, and have a nice day!:slight_smile:

Additionally, your link to the blend file redirects to some local inet provider advertisement page. I’d suggest using pasteall.org site as a widely used here on forum example file exchange point. Crowd will be less annoyed, i suspect.