Blender Render Scimitar

This is basically my first completed blender project. Please criticize I am trying to learn here. I loved texturing this because it started off being very bland and then i kept spicing it up. Now the textures are closer to that of a katana than the scimitar it was supposed to be. If anyone is interested it has 230 faces.

It’s not bad, well you already know the grip has a wrong texture, if this is a model that you are going to use in a game, I think is good enough, but if you plan a full render with it, then you should soften then model with the subdivider modifier, changing the background color to something more bright or create a stage for it, also you should improve the illumination and add some details like for example a sharp blade edge, etc.

I’ll set it up for a render sometime today or tomorrow. I was trying to be very economical with the original model size (originally it was about 120 polygons) because it was supposed to be for a game. Now I increased the size of the handle and the blade.