blender render shadow alpha map

i am stuck.
trying to do alpha channel on a leaf on blender render,
but even if I did it already, the shadow of the leaf shaped like a square.

isn’t it horrible?

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For materias that are receiving the shadow enable the ‘Receive Transparent’ option in their material / shadow panel


I did the “receive transparent” still has squares on it.


Receive Transparent should be checked on object which receives shadows. Since there is no proper naming in Outliner i guess you have selected leaf object? Looks like, judging by UV editor view…

I suggest you want me to find a proper outliner.

then how do you find it?

It should be in the material panels with the other shadow settings.

well I tried to find what eppo called a “proper naming in Outliner”.

What eppo meant was that you should name your objects properly, so that you can tell them apart (and we as well).

What good does a generic object name like “Plane” do? If that’s the leaf, name that object “Leaf”, etc. Otherwise you’ll soon drown in Cube.001 to Cube.056, Plane.001 to Plane.072 and the likes.

I got it… so, what about the receives shadows problem? I check boxed it.

Yeah, but on which object?
This needs to be checked on the material that receives the shadow (= the “floor”), not the one that casts the shadow (= the leaf). Which, of course, brings us back to eppos remark: Because of your naming convention (or rather: lack thereof) we can not decide which object is selected right now… But it seems you enabled “Receive Transparent” on the wrong material.

/uploads/default/original/4X/3/1/2/312823f5ae39dd4a7f18e888ac6aeacc17361372.pngstc=1needs less shadow.


I take it you figured it out???

yah, but how do you… you know? lower the shadows a bit?

I think I got it…/uploads/default/original/4X/0/6/7/067f508fbe7c215f9c02a7f41b36b4568d0976ff.pngstc=1


post your blend and I will show you how to make the shadow look better