Blender render speed

Sometimes I still like to use 2.49. it is just easier. blender 2.5 and 6 seem to render faster about 2 x is my guess . I have windows 7 64 bit and all Blender versions are 64 bit. Can I make 2.49 render faster? If it is not complicated

I’m not sure, but could you do all your modelling and texturing in 2.49 and open it to be rendered in 2.59?

There could be some features that have changed slightly and will need adjusting, but you should be able to do most of your work in 2.49?

Yes, i use 2.6 for the new tool and rendering. Now I’m stuck and have posted in the animation and rigging support about drivers. now I just discoverd the knife cut tool is new again. I just learned 2.5 knife tool. May be it is better now but I do not see how and the old was just fine with me. Is it going to change every year? opps off topic. In 2.6 Im a newbee. Also 2.49 is much more stable never crashes. 2.61 add ico hit f6 and crash. 5 times a day it crashes 2.5 the same thing. I like the render times in 2.5 and 6…humm I think you are right … ill be the last person in 2.4

Also I thought all the builds would be put into one someday ( in 2.59) Like a big salad I have 8 builds on my desktop.