Blender render vs cycles render

I’ve created an object with certain properties that I really like and don’t want to loose. I want to append it into another blend file that is cycles rendered without loosing those property/texture settings. Is there an easy way to make cycles render recognize these textures I’ve applied to keep it, or do I have to start all over again?

Thanks for anyone’s suggestions.
Hoping for a solution as I’ve invested so much (just a beginner here :wink:
-Linda Lou

There’s not much information to go on here but I suppose the easiest way would be to create a Cycles Principled BSDF and just plug your texture maps into it. That should work in most cases I think.

I appreciate the input. If I showed a screen shot of what I’ve created would that help? The object that is Blender Render is the see through body and you can see my settings on the right.

Looks good. I assume that the green veins are a separate object from your human?

The shader for the see-through body could just be a simple glass shader in Cycles. The glowing veins could be a little bit more difficult but you could try to invert the result of an ambient occlusion node and use that to drive the strength of a emission shader.

Thanks again. I’m still new at nodes but the more tute’s I watch, the more familiar it’s getting. The green is ‘supposed to be’ the lymph node system ;-). Doing anatomy is showing me a lot more than I want to learn all at once but i committed to doing it and here I am asking for help. I’ll study some more Blender’s nodes and see if I can come up with the right combo. Will we run into this same dilemma when we upgrade to 2.8 with Evee and we want to append an old object from 2.79? Or, do they have that covered? I’ll try to follow up with a post of my fix. Much appreciated, NinthJake.

Eevee is built on the Cycles material system so there should be no need to rework any materials there. You are doing good work, keep it up!

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Huh? AO is a shader, you can’t use green outputs to drive anything, only add and mix other shader outputs. Talking about Cycles though, not Eevee which I wouldn’t recommend for something serious atm.
Or did I miss something?

EDIT: I am an idiot.

No, you cannot. You can do the other way around (color/float/vector) into a shader, it just inserts an emission node under the hood. Eevee also has a node to split out a shader back to colors, but that doesn’t work in Cycles.

In the nightlies and 2.8 there is also an AO color/mask node though.

I suggest to rename this topic with a more appropriate title

You are right, I got confused by this video.

You can try the following setup to get a similar effect:

seeThrough.blend (787.8 KB)

I had to use a backface culling trick to make it work. It is based on the transparent and transmission bounces, so you’ll have to adjust the material if it is behind something transparent like glass.

Wow, thanks for your help on this Zanzio! I tried it out on another simple sphere just to see if I could “append” what you already designed. Very cool! So, I had “at least” learned that process through someone’s tutorial
And that was from 2014. I may not understand all that you built and how you placed the nodes in categories. Eventually, this will all click, I hope. And with your permission that I use your “see through” material on my project, I’m very grateful for your help and this community!!!
Thanks again to all :smile:

Sure, you can use it. I don’t have a problem with that. The nodes look complex, but it is actually a really simple shader. The only hard part was the backface culling, and I learned that from a tutorial.

Oh, and the categories you are talking about are frame nodes. You can add nodes to them by selecting what you want and pressing ctrl + j (alt + p removes nodes from them).

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