Blender Rendered Animation Model Shading Issue

Hi, I’m new to this forum and still somewhat of a beginner in Blender, so please bear with me if I sound clueless :). When I render my 3D model, I constantly get some shading problem on the model that matches the geometry, as in sometimes a random face on the model is treated as a portion of the model that is shaded along with the actual shading caused by the lighting (check the video)… Is this a problem with the normals or any vertices overlapping each other? It doesn’t show up in the GLSL display mode when the model isn’t actually rendered, so I think it might be a problem with the actual rendering. Any advice? Should I post the .blend file?

The video shows the model with and without a normal map, so you can tell its not an issue with any applied texture maps (sorry for the slow FPS, just made it that way so my “issue” can be seen more clearly). You can see what I’m talking about along the bottom half of the model, along the shading:

Please tell me if I posted this in the wrong board or broke the forum rules

Experiment with different Lamp, and Shadow setting. With new release 2.58, Area lamp still renders like that.

Well, I took your advice and I think the effect only happens when I have more than one light. Maybe I’ll just look up some tutorials on making good lighting for a render where this effect shouldn’t appear, and if it does show up again, than I guess it might be the model itself. Thanks for the help.