Blender rendering animations

I do not have any old blenders installed. i have the latest and i know the blender video dose not work. this is i render the animation and use VLC to play but nothing moves.

So i am at a lost.

What are your render settings. What format are you rendering your animation to.

Just to be clear: when you render, you are 100% sure the animation is rendered completely and that objects ARE moving? Cause if its outputting and coding images into a stream, which blender does if setup correctly, then VLC should show movement, or at least “pixel distortion” due to compression artefacts. If there is no movement and there is no deformation of any kind, then I would like to ask you: what if you start playing the movie, does the timer move? When you check the properties in explorer, does it say the supposed length of the video? Is there any mention of FPS, length, compression used etc?

VLC it tells me 10 seconds long and which settings should i look at. and also i tried windows media and still no movement.

Look in the Render / Output panel what settings are you using for your animation ? Without some useful information no-one can help you without just guesswork.

this what your asking to see?


Nope. I think you should check out this first, just to get to grips with some basics:

Sorry, I was too quick in posting the previous link, I meant to post this one:
@49 seconds, the bit Richard is talking about is shown.
If you watch the tutorial and your animation is set up correctly, and these output settings are correct, then you should have no problems.

Its working now , thanks Kom for the link!