Blender rendering bug?

Hey everyone,
I have Blender 2.56 beta, running on a PowerBook G4. I seem to be getting a weird pixel-dragging sort of glitch, after rendering at the “Best” quality, at 25fps, as a QuickTime file. I uploaded a test animation here: Is there any way I can fix this?

UPDATE: I (sort of) fixed this. I rendered the animation again, this time as an H.264 file. I am no longer getting the bug. I suppose that if I want it to be a .mov or .mp4, I’ll just have to convert it using some other software.

I’m sure there is a reason why you use a 6-year-old beta version of Blender.
But did you consider at least switching to a proper release (= non-beta) version to see if that bug has been squished?

I believe blender 2.62 was the last ppc compatible version so you should at least try that version to see if you get any improvement

Thanks for posting the link! I’m still getting the bug though.

I actually tried using version 2.49, and I’m still getting the bug.

Render to an image sequence and combine in another application to a video format

Ok, I’ll try that. Thanks.