Blender rendering CPU usage on a Q6600


I am rendering a small animation using Blender 2.45 and Blender internal render and I am having a small problem: if I render a single frame, Blender uses without problems the four cores of the Q6600 (top reports around 380% CPU usage), however, when I render the whole animation using the same parameters CPU usage drops to around 200% effectively wasting half the CPU.

I have set the “threads” parameter to 4. If it helps the system is running Ubuntu 7.10 64bit, has 4gb ram, a 8800GT and the aforementioned Q6600.


Hmmm, Ill have to test this out in my vista 64 box especially since we have similiar builds. Would be unfortunate if it was an issue with attention to detial in code. At least it’d be easy to fix though!

Your PC configuration is pretty much similar to mine. But i am having no trouble at all. All cores report near 100% usage when rendering animation with Threads set to 4.

specs read sig

Same issue, more or less, then HouseArrest (reported in thread on MacOSX 8 cores. Internal Blender Anim render uses only 20 to 25 % of CPUs.
Would be cool to find out how to boost it! :wink:

Try with ubuntu64 perhaps … It really rocks for me !
Especially with yafray GI … Can set AA to crazy !.

I’ve Q6600 with similar hardware.