Blender Rendering Image in Video Editor RED. WHY?

I just typed up all of my specs etc and this forum deleted it all.
Can you still help?

Best report a bug in Blenders bug tracker.

Any chance of some screenies and maybe a simple version of the blend file to test.

[ATTACH]278042[/ATTACH]Yes sure. Here is a version where my render settings are the same but the image is different

trial20december2013.blend (288 KB)
Yes sure, here’s my attached .blend file and i’ve got inside it 1 image from a TV show Futurama.
See the colour difference when you render it?
Or is it just my machine?

why is this forum not letting me reply?

Your blend file contains no images because you didn’t include them as a separate file or packed in the blend file (File / External Data menu). When I add an image in its place it looks fine. See post #2

why is this forum not letting me reply?
You obviously didn’t bother to read the forum FAQ (link at top of forum)

Okay, thanks for trying it out. I can only assume there is a bug. The reason I didn’t update is that would require updating to the new operating system, but since that is free now I might do that.
Sorry for not reading the FAQ, I was in quite a hurry.
If I still have problems on an updated version, I’ll let you know.