Blender renderman particles motion blur not working


I’m actually working on a scene, and i wanted to create a snowfall.

After i did this, i wanted to apply a motion blur on my particles (baked).

But the motion blur doesn’t worked. Also, i tried with a cube and applied a movement, and it worked.

My particles are baked. Also, i tried on cycles and i’m having the same issue.

I think i miss something.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!

Regards, Samih.

Keep in mind… more info is needed: show some images, settings, best is to provide a test scene to study :wink:

The particles are in green, and the cube, where i applied a locrotScale through different frames.

The motion blur affects the cube but not the particles.

Here’s with Cycles (w/o PRMan on this machine)

particles_mBlur_cycles.blend (1.9 MB)

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And here’s PRMan, which also works fine, but you need to convert particle sim to keyframe animation.

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Thank you! it worked.

But i wanted to know why is it not working with particles?

Also, is it possible to replace dupli objects by instances? so it could be less heavy to generate the scene for the rendering.

Regards, Samih.