Blender renders slightly faster with Linux 2.6.23

In general I’m showing about a 1.5 second per minute increase in Blender (internal) render times using the Linux 2.6.23 kernel over the 2.6.22 kernel with the now defunct CK patchset (which was slightly faster than 2.6.22 vanilla). My tests were using two basic benchmarks from here with threads set to two:

I understand that this is very limited setup, and that more comprehensive tests would need to be run, but the results are consistant. If anyone is interested, I’l set up and run a fair numbers of passes and post the results.

Interesting, has the scheduler been changed?

Yes, it’s been replaced by the “completely fair scheduler” or CFS by Ingo Molnar. This amongst other things was the “final straw” for Con Kolivas (CK kernel) to stop kernel hacking. I was feeling a little weird about that because the CK patchset made desktop Linux way more responsive than vanilla. So far though, it looks like 2.6.23 may be a good drop in replacement.