Blender Repository?

Hi all,

I was wondering if there is a respository for blender file, tools, widgets, what have you, contributed by users of the blender3d tool? If I were to say, create a series of widgets, such as a series of gears for mechanical modeling lets’s say, then where can I donate the .blend files so that blender users can use if if they want it? I have seen wiki docs and many have instructions or howto - to create things but I have yet to see any .blend files or sources from which one can use it as a template or direct use for their own projects.

Seems to me that by having a moderated and structured (or classified) central responsitory may be a boon for the blender3d organization and it’s users, do you think?

If a centrally shared and structured repository already exist - then can someone point me in the right direction?


Blender models:

Neat scripts:
There are of course a lot more in the Blender Python & Plugins section of the forum.

I am sure there’s a lot more places to visit.

BMR, Blender 3D Model Repository at

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