Blender requests left forgotten.

I’m a bit worried that there are some things that really should be remembered to be done in the large list of things to implement in Blender like sounds in animation, particals in the BGE and even box modelling. These are some things that I think should or should have been in Blender (Depending on how long it was requested for). We really should get a list going (If there hasn’t been one) and have it sorted out by importance or usefulness for future updates to make things more organised and easier.

ya, good idea. in fact, it’s not that new… :slight_smile:
btw.: we have sound in animation. and if i am not mistaken, we have box modeling - erm, well, isn’t box modeling rather a technique than feature?..

Maybe he wanted to say “NURBS modeling”.

More likely bmesh or ngon support that makes box modelling a lot more viable than it is now in blender, yes it CAN be done, but it’s not pretty : blender is really better at point by point stuff.

There are so many lists about… no matter how much is fixed, added whatever the lists are insatiable…

But do use as a central and kinda orderly point of collection and discussion.


Ahh ok. Wasn’t told anything about this. Sorry for the misunderstood spam!