Blender resources list, for future use.

A while ago BlenderSources was released to upload blender files to the server or download them. Very handy to share blender game engine or art files. Now Blended Reality is comming close to be released I wsa planning to reorganise the server before we turn oure year into 2005.

As the game server will be a part of the community, we are asking your vote about some things. There are some sections for the game engine as tutorials, sources, games and so on. Now we ask you, what do you want to see on the BlenderSources server? Like what kind of resources, tutorials and so on?

Currently I’ve got a huge liberary of sources on my pc, so almost everything that’s created it on that liberary I think. So write down what files you can donate, or want to see. But don’t post links yet :smiley:

If you want a file to be seen on the server write:

I like to see.

  • resource: game compas
  • tutorial: create blender fonts
  • game: hellstation
  • script: watereffect

If you can donate a file type:

I can donate:

  • resource: culling script
  • tutorial: skybox for in game

When I finished cleaning the server and so on, I’ll make people able to upload more. :smiley:

Here the BlenderSource program to connect to the server and upload or download files:
This is a preview and testing on how we want to organise the BlenderSource server. 8)

Anyone who thinks this is stupid should die! Its a helping hand to though who cant have their own space and unknowing of how to connect to a ftp server to download this kinda stuff plus it all in one place…

MMhh not much people have posted what they want to see on the server. Here I wrote some things I want to add to the server:

I like to see:

  • resource: culling script

  • resource: lod test

  • resource: artificial intelligents for racing

  • resource: artificial intelligents for walking enemies

  • resource: weather system

  • resource: streaming gameplay, (play while game gets downloaded)

  • resource: 1st person camera

  • resource: 3th person camera

  • resource: compass, for level navigation

  • tutorial: introduction to game engine

  • tutorial: you first 3D game

  • tutorial: create an enemy

  • tutorial: pick up items for use

  • tutorial: 3D character rigging and use for game

  • tutorial: set up an culling script

  • tutorial: set up a lod system

  • tutorial: create a weather system

  • tutorial: put movies in your game

  • tutorial: create a game menu

  • game: Hellstation

  • game: Dr Doom

  • game: Indiana Joe

  • game: Shoot’em

  • pythonscript: scrolling uv textures

  • pythonscript: character movements

  • pythonscript: create screenshots

Every reply with ideas will be added to a text file, and durning the life of BlenderSources and Blended Reality, we will try to create these ideas and make them available on the BlenderSources server. People that donate resource or another things for ingame use the names will be written in there files. :slight_smile:

Whats the difference from a resource and pythonscript?

btw Pm Goffster and try to get the/a solid BlenderSource server post stickied. Although it would be cool if it was intergrated into blender as well, but I am sure that wont happen anytime soon

Hmm, these might be helpful too.

I like to see:
resource: custom keys (in demo/games list)
resource: Basic menu
resource: MiniMap (shows where you are in the level)
resource: Camera tracking added objects (in demo/games list)

-tutorial: python in the game engine

-game: (any complete blender game that’s out there)
There should be a section for complete games, incomplete games, and demos.

More things should come to mind later on.

Jason Lin

Oh! I’ll upload moonlight! :smiley:

Okay, I uploaded moonlight, a screenshot, and a whole load of sounds. :smiley:

The difference between a resource and Pythonscript is, the script is just text and some info included what kind of sensors/actuators it needs. And the resource shows the script in action included everything to show you what it does. Well I was thinking is there was a watereffect resource, I won’t put it in the script dir, because you can get it from the blender file. :smiley:

yesss :slight_smile:

i will put on the my python examples for beginner .blend files…
I have lot of .blend examples but not take in comment and description so
i will supllement it and i put them :slight_smile:

I tested the upload/download program and it works fine.
My problem is how make directori and put it
examples files?
So i can easily manage this files.


i havent made a setup for that yet. But mehbe i will one day…

I think I invented a pretty good sidescroller-game enemy AI for guys who have to track to multiple enemies in a game where you can move up and down too. (Example: Little Fighter 2! DOWNLOAD, GREAT GAME!)

No python, but it can be used with python to make it more efficient. When I get my hands on a decent working enviroment WITH web access, I’ll post some of the fruits of my technical and artistic expertise…

I’ll keep in mind to contact you for some source to put on Blended Reality (blender sources site) I’m still hard working on that website and I hope I can upload it completely in 2005 the beginning of the year included some nice content which can be used. I also created a page for the BlenderSources program, how to use it. :smiley:

JDMulti, have you fixed the firewall bug I encountered yet? (It wouldn’t work with my firewall up.)

I put 5 new examples python cript .blend files to
Blender Sources Server!!!
and i put in some comment and descriptions too

or please download the upload/download program:

new version 1.0 (full)

you will find the .blend files

The total list:


lets get fun…

Tester: edit the link, thta’s the old runtime.