Blender Resources, updated with 3d models

I updated it today. enjoy the new review system, and all the resources and tutorials. I’m writing an AI tut and a race AI tut.

Blender Resources |

To submit stuff read below…

The guidelines to submitting to Blender Resources:

To submit a tutorial…

PM me the tutorial
Send me a thumbnail of the final image (100x100)
All images must be under 1024x1024
A .blend file (optional)

Also if you want to post any models send them to me. You can post not just models, but anything. If you want to post any models do the following…

PM me the file
Send a screenshot of it (512x512 or less)
Send me a thumbnail (100x100)

You may want to jazz up any tutorials, to make it sound more like a tutorial and less like a description.

I hope to hear from you!


Thanks dude - I’m sure the folks will apreciate the gesture.

“Never has one [killer] done so much to benefit some many [blenderheads]”

To submit stuff read first post.


Maybe you didn’t notice tons of tutorials and other useful blender stuff, so come back with your ‘bumparinio’ when you will have more to show us… :rolleyes:

On example:

I’m not adding other tutorials that are already on other sites… I’m asking members like yourself to send me tutorials exclusive to blender resources. By the way I’m updating it, and adding a glsl ocean demo.

We now launched our 3d model section. I’ve hit my limit with pages though, so I need a new host. If you know of any (preferably free) let me know.