Hello Guys,

I am very proud to present you my new Retargeting Tools Add On for handling Motion Capture Data, binding them to every rig and fine tuning them afterwards. Its not completely finished for now but its developed so far, that one can work with it and get wonderful results.

Perhaps you are interested because for now there aren’t many retargeting add ons out there.

Would be glad if you could take a look and give me some feedback.

Thank you very much and keep blending :smiley:

Blender Retargeting Tools Presentation


If You want any new idea you can see this add-on -

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Manually re-target

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Wow seems really cool, do you have the possibilities to make fine adjustments after retargeting?

Like? explain in detail like what adjustments.

SMall adjustments like if the arms from the motion capture file are not suitable, you can make some corrections afterwards with the tool

There is option call shift animation Check this -

I used animaide add-on for that, it pretty easy more fexible with animaide

You can find out more Details in this for after correction
also automate method do everything. all steps

Plus Point it not just re-target transfer animation to character as well.