Blender retopology with BSurfaces & GPencil Error

Following the tutorial that I found here but I ended up with this error: there aren’t any strokes attached to the objects.
This is my step that I did as explained in the tutorial.

  1. Added the Spehre and added the Subdivision Surface.
  2. Added the Plane, into edit mode and remove the Vertices.
  3. Added the new GPencil.
  4. Stroke Placement into Surface.
  5. Added (Drawn) the lines on the Sphere surfaces.

And when I pressed the add Surface in BSurfaces tab I got the error.

I’m using Blender 2.78c.

I tried to figure out BSurfaces the other day and never could. If I had to take a wild guess maybe the data source needs on object. If you haven’t seen it go to add-ons/scripts section on forum and check out speedretopo(i think that’s the name). Pretty good addon for retopology and it uses the BSurfaces add-on

Edit: Here’s link to speedretopo.

Before you draw any Gpencil lines, toggle that one selector for data source from “Scene” to “Object”.

Where in the name of all that’s decent is BSurfaces v1.5 ?