Blender revision numbers... what does it mean??

Ever since blender migrated to git, version numbering of builds is… well, I have no idea how it works. Under subversion, it was simple. The bigger rev number was the newer version. It was easy for me to organize my installed builds under version number. Now I have no idea what’s what. Numbering seems to completely change daily and I can’t make any sense of it. So lately I’ve started renaming installation directories by date.
Can anyone shed some light on the new numbering system and how we might best organize blender builds on our workstations?

It’s the first few numbers/letters of the git commit SHA-1 hash, no real rhyme or reason behind the numbering sequence really.

You can also match the hash: 3f2f709 to the diffusion page


While we’re on the subject, what is the new Git URL for Blender?

Site is here:
Blender clone url: git://
Git usage:


Name formatting <Blender_hash> is confused in human brain.
Name formatting <Blender_date_time_hash> will be better.