Blender Riddle

How was this done? Nothing outside Blender proceduals was used.

Paul Thompson

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Your url is wrong, this is the url:

What exactly is special about the image? I must know what the strange effect is before I comment.

Cool effect! Does it involve clouds with an alpha map?

valarking: click on the link, then delete the underscore.

Funky Font?


Other than that, all I can think is a procedural on a plane used to somehow distort either another texture or alphad over the lettering.

big deal. i could do something like that in painter in like 5 minutes.

you probably did it with a cloud texture that had a red to black colorband.

Sure I could have done it in painter or photoshop. But I didn’t, I did it in Blender. No, no colorband was used. Ray_theway, you’ve come the closest so far–clouds where used, but no separate alpha map. There are still quite a few points that everyone is missing, but apparently our resident Blender virtuosos, valarking and blendermax, believe there’s nothing to it.

I challenge them to duplicate my effect.

Paul Thompson

Hey, you’re right, I AM a virtuoso aren’t I? Hehe


It’s one of thsoe thing, I could just post some weird obscure picture and ask someone to duplicate it for me. Won’t happen.