Blender Riddles Game

Let’s play Blender Riddles!


  • Riddles and answers to riddles must be Blender related, where experience in Blender makes one more likely to solve them.
  • There may be correct answers to riddles which the asker did not consider. If they truly solve the provided conditions of the riddle, they must be treated as correct - even if they are not what the asker had in mind.
  • I will be the first to ask a riddle. The first person to correctly solve the riddle will ask the next riddle. The answer must first be confirmed by the asker (in this case, me).
  • Edited answers will be considered posted on the “Last edited on” date/time. If you answer a riddle correctly, then someone else answers correctly too, and you edit your post, theirs must be treated as the first correct answer.
  • Be reasonable with your riddles, and most importantly, Have Fun! :cool:


First Riddle: What has a beginning but no end?

A GE ray sensor?

CORRECT! :smiley:

A “Ray” is what I was thinking, whether in GE or in raytracing.

You get to ask the next riddle. Hopefully it will be a little harder than mine apparently was. :wink:

Okay, hmm… I’m no good at making riddles.:smiley:

I am all powerful, I can make effect happen before cause, I can slow cause, I can speed up and repeat effect. What am I?

[Edit] Dang, this is going to be too easy… Oh well. I told you I was no good, didn’t I?:o

Ipo curves or video sequences?


message must be 10 characters long


I am Key-Framing?

Nope, and nope.

Dang, guess it was a better one than I thought…

im new to blender and all of its features, but i think i remember somethign about a physics simulation in blender. this kinda sounds like that. so i guess my awsner would be:
physics? (or the blender equivelent)

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modifiers? materials? :confused:

preview render

I guess “TIMELINE”


doesn’t exactly make sense, but it’s ten letters…

Perhaps we should have a set number of guesses before the riddle asker has to reveal the answer…

BTW, nope.

NLA editor?
Frame counter?

Ding! First guess was correct!:smiley:

Your turn Ani…

Right, I’ll try and come up with one then…
What can change an animation entirely without affecting a single object?
Clue: It’s not the nodes or video sequence editor;)

Map Old/Map New in Animation Time settings.