Blender riggers/animators

We are preparing a 3- to 5-minute animation depicting an ancient land environment, including the animals of the Cretaceous. We are seeking animators and riggers with experience in Blender.

All assets for the video have been created, although we would also welcome input from folks with experience in retopo. But we have all models and skins for the animals and plants of the animation.

The project will be posted privately on Guru. This announcement is a solicitation for demo reels showing your skills animating camera motions, land animals, birds, alligators or crocodiles, other large reptiles, and plant motions.

We will need one or more people to work with us on this project. We will only use Guru to assure you (and us) of fair, prompt payment and delivery of assets. Please do not contact us directly, as we will not consider you.

All members we chose for the project must be comfortable working under a tight non-disclosure agreement and an IP agreement: These assets are owned by our client, and tight and binding agreements will be required before work begins.

The only technical requirement is that you be proficient in Blender 2.79. We will be operating in Cycles, although a later version may be optimized for Eevee.

Please provide links to a demo reel showing camera, animal and environmental animations. We’re happy to answer any questions you have. If we like your work, you will receive a private invitation to review the project and the NDAs.

Our target is the equivalent of AAA games, or NatGeo/PBS broadcast. We have a good reputation on Guru for payment and our work, and are looking for folks with the same sort of reliability.

Sound’s interesting. Don’t know if my skills’ are good enough. If you would like to have a look that would be nice.