Blender riggers, your thoughts on this Lightwave rig!
I’m asking if there’s anything in here that’s useful to use in blender, for rigging. I’m not trying to start a app war.

I’m a bit skeptical about having the IK parented to the FK, I see that’s come handy at first, but sound a bit confusing also.

I find great to have IK and FK that don’t influence each others. But we don’t see many use case of the rig : how would you make the character to do pushups with this rig ?

Anyway, the interface for showing the rig is really cool , and maybe if you use the rig with motion mixer it’s great as it is.

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ik/fk together like this (à la softimage) is an absolute must

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@bibi , do you have some rigging video that demonstrate how this is used in softimage ? I’m looking for some more in depth use of the rig, like what append when you parent the IK arm to the head or another object, then switching from IK to FK, this kind of stuff.
Knowing only blender I have a hard time figuring out how having the arm setup like this can be convenient in complex scenarios.


softimage is dead !

i was on softimage 20 years ago…

but with softimage, it was natural : you use the ik then make a rotation on a bone without searching what was the technology behind.

Hum, how would you keep IK and FK bones aligned ? if you rotate the arm the IK controller is no more aligned with the arm ? Was there a way to snap IK to FK and FK to IK without messing the animation curves ?

gosth ik, you move only bones of the hierarchy