Blender Rigging Issues

Well, I have made a character, and have rigged him. However when I move the bones only part of the mesh moves with him. This is my first time rigging and learned from youtube videos. What am I doing wrong that is causing this issue?
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Prisoner.blend (469 KB)

Your model has multiple Armature modifiers. Delete them all then as a starting point select the body, shift select the armature (in object mode not pose mode) and Ctrl+P / Automatic Weights.

Thanks! Now I can continue

Urm, one more question, the fourarm moves his leg to a degree, how would I fix this? when moved it bends the middle bit of the leg. thanks

The automatic weights gives a rough and ready starting point. You’ll need to adjust the weighting for each bone. Selecting weight paint mode and then selecting the forearm bone you can then give a zero weight to the vertices.
There are many useful tutorials to do with rigging here

thanks! :smiley: :smiley: