Blender Rigging Problem.

So i’m having problems on blender with the rigging, this is the first time i actually got it right but there’s one flaw. Please take a look on this picture:

Picture One: The bones are in the right position on Pose Mode.
Picture Two: When i click the leg with the bone, and move it the way i want it to, it follows the position in the bone, there is no error.
Picture Three: I wanted to move the model forward so it can walk, I select all the bones of the Mesh and i move it by the Y axis, what i notice is that the bone isnt attached to the Mesh.
Picture Four: I move the leg bone to see what happens when i move it and when I did move it, the leg of the mesh deforms, i tried moving the bone for the head and the head stretches.

What can i do to fix this? So the bones and the mesh can be attached without it deforming.
Thank you for your answer…
Also please note that I already set parenting to the object with automatic weights.


Post a file so someone can look at it…