Blender Rigify to Unity3D Mechanim


Ok, I’m not a rigger. Rigging is some weird magic that (to me) is very technical, difficult, and tricky. So I use Rigify in Blender. It gives me a humanoid rig that I put around my mesh, and then I generate a great rig to control my human.

The problem is, Rigify and Unity3D’s Mechanim don’t play nice. Mechanim relies on specifically named and structured bones to retarget animations and make them flow together, but rigify doesn’t follow those rules. Does anyone have any experience importing objects from Rigify to Mechanim that can give me pointers/a good tutorial/or help?

Thanks for the help guys!

Rigify names are compatible with Xonotic, but I think that is a minor problem. It would be easy to write a script that changes the bone names. A more signicant hurdle is that Rigify uses constraints that will not work outside Blender. AFAIK, no Blender exporter handles constraints, and even if one did Unity would probably not recognize them.

Perhaps a better strategy would be to import a mechanim armature (perhaps available as bvh) and adjust it to your character.