Blender RNA and DNA questions

I finally managed to add some code to blender :evilgrin:.

But for everything to work, I need to add some new settings in user preferences. For that I need to modify the blender dna and rna also. Now I am having trouble how they are generated.

As far as I know, the blender dna is like an encoding for the entire savable blender data. In order to generate the blender dna, I just need to run the makesdna tool and additionally add any new files in the source code if there are any. I believe this is all I need to do for the dna.

But for rna, it’s a different story. From my understanding it’s an api to access all the blender main data in a generic way. I looked into the makesrna project and I saw that you also have to code a lot of things for this to work. I believe that I would need to code manually the set and get methods for all the properties that I added. And also add code to include the properties in the struct definition. Am I right or is all the code generated automatically?