Blender Rocks!

A few days ago i saw a wip on a guy making a webpage and as i am the admin for the Operation Iraqi Freedom webpage it game me the idea to use blender for a new webpage (and believe me it needed it!) It isn’t finished but hey go check it out and tell me what you think! :wink:

Your site made my browser crash. :expressionless:

I guess I’m not especially impressed, but only because it made my browser crash. I’m not going to go back. Sorry. :wink:

Couldn’t access it myself.
Looks like the bandwidth was exceeded or something.


wooooooooooooooooow that looks… like its not working :P.

aargh I’m so sick of hearing about iraq… let alone have a game about it … you planning on making a movie too ?

works here, but as a hint, you cannot build webpage like that :slight_smile: all your greaphics are on background image, and then you try to match the content to that with tables… well, I have to tell you, it might work on your browser on your screen resolution, but that’s it…

on my screen, I see 4 of your background graphics tiled.
then, the menu on the left, the first item “home” is on the box, but the next is already a bit offsetted, and then it gets worse and worse.

your game project looks quite big and lot of work put to it I’m sure… maybe you should ask somebody to do the webpage properly… otherwise, it doesn’t help the game project, but on the contrary…


why is that? why doesn’t is work? i haven’t done much with websites so i don’t know how to get it done properly but at 800x600 all of the images align properly adn i figured that if a person with 1000x1000 + lcd res they would already have there window scaled to 800 x 600 seeing most webpages don’t go higher than that! Could you take a screen shot of the website on you monitor (one of each page preferably) and post them as links here so i can study them and find the error? Thanks i’ll see what i can do!

Also what do you mean by setting it all as a background - if i don’t set it as a background then i can make a webpage seeing as the text and the images would overlap causing an error message! What should i do?


:wink: Please don’t turn this into a political argument! :wink:

about the crashing>>>

it turns out we are exceeding our max data transfer rate! that isn’t good! all along i’ve said yahoo bites! to fix the problem i will have to get rid of the gallery thumbnails and just have the links - i think that that will solve the problem!

the site will be up and running within a day or so!

i fixed the data transfer problem and i think that if someone with a higher res monitor will just scale there ie window to 800pixel width the text and images will be in the right area! Still if someone will give me a screenshot of what is going wrong with your monitors that would be more helpful! thanks! :wink:

i just said that an either yahoo is down again or people flooded the gallery cause the page is down again! well fcmagicain if this continues you’ll have to pay for more bandwidth! sorry that is the way the cookie crumbles! :-?

No one is going to scale their page just because your web page abilities are poor. Sorry, Prince.

I’d like to point out a few wrongs on your page:

Instead of using the render as a background image, put it in a img tag and then use css to position the elements over it precisely.

Read up.

hmm i get the background tiled 1.5x on my monitor,
at the very least you could split up the background into seperate peices and arrange it with a table, that would keep it from tiling and it would show up properly on any res.
but definantly take mr robs advice and at least check out a site like he recomended

I went perusing through the gallery, and noticed that your bowl, cargo truck, and RPG ammo have the wrong links.

i know change geocities! it totally stinks! :stuck_out_tongue:

index what is wrong with that?

tiling isn’t that big or a deal…

and i will center the links you highlighted.


so you are the one who crashed it! lol! no big deal! i’ll fix those thanks!

thanks everyone but i don’t have the experience or the money to invest in real webpage develemopent (not yet anyway but someday!) i’ll keep it all in mind for in the future! :wink:

Hey Prince, if you want to see what the page may look like on other people’s computers, try increasing your browser’s text size to largest and then also smallest. You’ll notice that the text changes position relative to the background depending on the text’s size.

To stop the background from tiling you need to cut the background up and put each piece into it’s relevant table with the text.

btw, what program did you use to create the site?

okay a little background work to get where i am:

fcmagicain started the site and the forum on geocities (for free) i was the first to concider the postion of administrator and i helped out on the forum. I was constantly nagging him about the gallery and he said his 56k couldn’t handle it so i asked for the password to log in to geocities and launch the page builder program in java language. I fiddled around with it and then i got bored with what we saw so i created a background in blender for every page and then added the text, links, and images to that. Because of the unique screwyness of Page Builder i can’t overlap images on images or text on images (or atleast i can’t figure out how to! - so if anyone knows how please let me know!) Thus can’t put the links onto the images unless i use the image as a background (which unfortunately tiles!) my solution here which i will eventually do is probably to create a new image the size of (tell me the high res on your guys’ monitors - 1024x1280?) which doesn’t tile then and creates a perfect image! this is alot of work but i think i can manage!

tell me what you think i should do:

  1. just keep the page size and fill the area that tile with a solid color

  2. create a super wide page that has the text centered (and that people with 600x800 have to scroll to read each sentence)

  3. what else could i do to fill the fields.

i am fond of the first on cause i can do that in an image editor but…

anyway tell me your suggestion for the background and then what res i should make the pics to!

oh btw the text scale thing doesn’t work seing it is custom text! you have to have something special to do that! sorry reading impaired! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, even though it barely does it (I have an old school Daewoo “low-radiaton” monitor) my res is at 1280x1024.

Really, as was said, use CSS to position the image, don’t rely on the site builder itself (you gotta do SOME work… I make all my sites in Notepad, lol) Alternatively, although a bad idea with the whole everyone’s-monitor-is-different problem, you can use images as links themselves by nesting an image tag within the anchor tags, like so:

<a href="pages/blah.html">

I can give you CSS code for some stuff if you like, or I could at least tell you where to learn it, should you opt to use that.

Oh, and the blender image @ the bottom looks squished to me.
I’ll post a “fix this” picture later like Jeeves did before, but I’m on my way out the door right now, so I don’t have the time just yet.
BTW that was a real pic I put up there lol… It just might not work sometimes when I shut my server off (I’m in the process of building a new site myself).

EDIT: Is there a reason the jeep wheels arent round?

If you want the page to be compatible with all kinds of monitors work with tables and make the page a bit smaller. If you want code examples you can look at:

Passionate Watercolor

I made that page for a friend of mine in an afternoon. (Literally.) So I’ll be the first to say that it isn’t great, and it takes too long to load, but hey. It is an improvement over her previous page, and it was free.

That page will work on any monitor size, though I don’t reccomend a 56k for the prints page, specifically.

Check it out.