Blender rookie in need of advice

So I recently started using blender again (I previously lost motivation). As training exercise it seemed like a good idea to remake a simple lamp thats stands in my living room. The model turned out okay but i’m a bit stuck on realistic texturing. Here is my render:

After rendering I saw that the whole top needs to go down but that’s not the issue. I am struggling with the textures and shading. The white is way to flat and boring while in the real thing it has damaged area’s and obvious paint strokes. I tried recreating this by putting a wood texture under the paint with the node editor and then 3d paint a factor image(I don’t know what the name for this is) with holes but the result looked dumb. So how can I make a more interesting texture (variations of white and gray) and make this damage on places I want.

I think the rest of the lamp is okay. I noticed after rendering that the top has to be less transparent but i’m fairly happy. If anyone has advice on my lamp please say so :). Thanks in advance.

I’m sorry if my english isn’t correct, it’s not my native language.

Here is the real thing, how would one achieve this in blender? also here’s a lighter scene:

I’ve seen some tutorials on youtube about procedural materials. Those may help you achieve the affect that you are looking for.Overall you’re doing great.

Instead of procedural texture I would rather unwrap it. You can then either paint in the marks using texturepaint or some other image editing app like gimp / photoshop. The same for the scratches, create a bump and specular map for the scratches. If you browse around you will find lots of grunge images that will assist you with the scratces. Hope this helps